Welcome to my Publication's page! Here you'll find many of the Publications I printed in the last years in Refereed and non Refereed Journals. Please click here to download a full list of my Publications including also all the Conference Proceedings; alternatively click here to see the full list of my publications from the SOHO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS). Please, write me for any comment!

Title file.pdf
"Characteristics of Polar Coronal Hole Jets" AndA_XRT_jets.pdf (2.11 Mb)
"Plasma Heating in a Post-eruption Current Sheet: a Case Study based in Ultraviolet, Soft and Hard X-ray data" ApJ_current_sheet_2013.pdf (4.38 Mb)
"Plasma Heating in a Post-eruption Current Sheet: a Case Study based in Ultraviolet, Soft and Hard X-ray data" ApJ_current_sheet_2013.pdf (4.38 Mb)
"Study of a Coronal Mass Ejection with SOHO/UVCS and STEREO data" Adv_Space_Res_CME_2013.pdf (1.00 Mb)
"Super- and Sub-critical Regions in Shocks driven by Radio-loud and Radio-quiet CMEs" JAR_radio_shocks.pdf (0.83 Mb)
"SWIFF: Space Weather Integrated Forecasting Framework" JSWSC_swiff_2013.pdf (3.67 Mb)
"Study of Multiple Coronal Mass Ejections at Solar Minimum Conditions" SP_multiple_CME_2012.pdf (2.55 Mb)
"Solar magnetism eXplorer (SolmeX)" ExpAstron_SolmeX.pdf (1.80 Mb)
"Spectroscopic Signature of Alfvèn Wave Damping in a Polar Coronal Hole up to 0.4 Solar Radii" ApJ_alfven_waves_2012.pdf (1.63 Mb)
"The role of Streamers in the Deflection of Coronal Mass Ejections: Comparison between STEREO Three-Dimensional Reconstructions and Numerical Simulations" ApJ_CME_deflection_2012.pdf (2.40 Mb)
"Identification of Super- and Subcritical Regions in Shocks driven by Coronal Mass Ejections" ApJL_cme_shock_2011.pdf (0.47 Mb)
"Rotation of an Erupting Filament observed by the STEREO EUVI and COR1 Instruments" AandA_bemporad_rotation.pdf (4.93 Mb)
"Prominence 3D Reconstruction in the STEREO Era: A Review" JASTP_prominence_review.pdf (2.07 Mb)
"First Complete Determination of Plasma Physical Parameters Across a Coronal Mass Ejection-driven Shock" ApJ_cme_shock_2010.pdf (2.29 Mb)
"Side Magnetic Reconnections Induced by Coronal Mass Ejections: Observations and Simulations" ApJ_CME_reconnection_2010.pdf (9.82 Mb)
"The role of lateral magnetic reconnection in solar eruptive events" AnGeo_CME_reconnection_2009.pdf (7.34 Mb)
"Multispacecraft observations of a prominence eruption" AnGeo_Stereo_EIS_2009.pdf (8.34 Mb)
"Stereoscopic reconstruction from STEREO/EUV Imagers data of the 3D shape and expansion of an erupting prominence" ApJ_3Dprominence_2009.pdf (2.46 Mb)
"Interpretation of the SOHO/UVCS observations of two CME-driven shocks" Adv_Space_Res_CME_2009.pdf (551 Kb)
"Morphology and density structure of post-CME Current Sheets" AandA_Vrsnak_CS.pdf (823 Kb)
"Spectroscopic detection of turbulence in post-CME current sheets" ApJ_fexviii_2008.pdf (867 Kb)
"Magnetic reconnection processes induced by a CME expansion" AnGeo_CME_reconnection_2008.pdf (4.6 Mb)
"Reconnection in a slow Coronal Mass Ejection" AnGeo_CME_xpoint_2008.pdf (4.8 Mb)
"Low-frequency Lyman-alpha power spectra observed by UVCS in a polar coronal hole" ApJL_turbulences_2008.pdf (233 Kb)
"A comprehensive study of the initiation and early evolution of a CME from UV and white light data" ApJ_cme_2007.pdf (1.22 Mb)
"Density and magnetic field signatures of interplanetary 1/f noise" ApJL_turbulences_2007.pdf (101 Kb)
"Current Sheet evolution in the aftermath of a CME" ApJ_current_sheet_2006.pdf (1.73 Mb)
"Evidence for Pyroxene dust grains in C/2001 C2 sungrazing comet" Adv_space_res_sungrazer.pdf (315 Kb)
"A review of UVCS observations of sungrazing comets" AOGS_PS_review.pdf (1.03 Mb)
"A new variety of CME: streamer puffs from compact ejective flares" ApJ_streamer_puffs_2005.pdf (795 Kb)
"UVCS observation of Sungrazer C/2001 C2: possible comet fragmentation and plasma-dust interactions" ApJ_sungrazer_2005.pdf (840 Kb)
"Evidence for the same hot plasma after CME events, in both remote and in situ observations" ApJ_hot_plasma_2004.pdf (242 Kb)
"Temporad evolution of a Streamer Complex: coronal and in situ plasma parameters" ApJ_streamer_complex_2003.pdf (1.11 Mb)
"A slow streamer blowout at the Sun and Ulysses" GRL_slow_blowout_2004.pdf (1.83 Mb)

Title file.pdf
"Novel Space Coronagraphs: METIS, a flexible optical design for multi-wavelength imaging and spectrography" SPIE_paper_8862_88620G.pdf (1.03 Mb)
"MESSI, the METIS instrument software simulator" SPIE_paper_8449_84491L.pdf (356 Kb)
"Multi Element Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy (METIS) coronagraph for the Solar Orbiter mission" SPIE_paper_8443_844309.pdf (1.89 Mb)
"METIS: a novel coronagraph design for the Solar Orbiter mission" SPIE_paper_8443_84433H.pdf (821 Kb)
"The Solar Orbiter METIS Coronagraph data signal processing chain" SPIE_paper_8167_81672C.pdf (441 Kb)
"Liquid Christals Lyot Filter for Solar Coronography" SPIE_paper_8148_814808.pdf (964 Kb)

Title file.pdf
"A Decade of Coronagraphic and Spectroscopic Studies of CME-Driven Shocks" AIP_proc_cme_shock.pdf (373 Kb)
"Characterization of a CME-driven shock from UV, white light and radio data" IAGA2_CME_shock.pdf (991 Kb)
"Long duration off-limb observations of a polar coronal hole with the HINODE/EIS spectrometer" IAGA2_EIS_offlimb.pdf (593 Kb)
"An erupting filament and associated CME observed by Hinode, STEREO and SOHO" Hinode_CME1.pdf (600 Kb)
"Multi-instruments campaigns to observe the off-limb corona" Hinode_CME2.pdf (213 Kb)
"Results from recent studies of CMEs from SOHO/UVCS" SAIt_CMEs.pdf (567 Kb)
"SOHO UVCS and Mauna Loa Mark IV observations of a slow CME below 2 solar radii" SOHO20_CMEs.pdf (606 Kb)
"Lyman-alpha observations of sungrazing comets with the SOHO/UVCS instrument" AOGS_PROC_sungrazers.pdf (2.8 Mb)
"Early evolution of a CME from white light and UV observations" SW11_early_cme.pdf (665 Kb)
"Structure of a slow CME in the low corona" TRIESTE_early_cme.pdf (762 Kb)
"Recursive narrow CMEs within a coronal streamer" SPM11_streamer_puffs.pdf (1.0 Mb)
"Preliminary analysis of a CME observed by SOHO and Ulysses experiments" ISCS_preliminary_CME.pdf (828 Kb)
"Post-CME events: cool jets and Current Sheet evolution" IAU226_current_sheet.pdf (243 Kb)
"Physical parameters of coronal streamers near the maximum phase of solar cycle" SAIt_streamer_complex.pdf (3.0 Mb)
"Spatial and temporal behaviour of the Oxygen abundace in a streamer complex" SPM10_streamer_oxygen.pdf (607 Kb)

Title file.pdf
"Coronagraphic WL and UV observations of CMEs: requirements for the development of future instrumentation" TechRep165_Bemporad.pdf (5.60 Mb)
"Comparative evaluation of METIS image compression algorithms" TechRep157_Bemporad.pdf (6.29 Mb)
"Total Solar Eclipse of July 11th, 2010: Data Log and Raw Images" TechRep144_Fineschi.pdf (1.09 Mb)
"Simulation of H Lyman-alpha images for the METIS coronagraph" TechRep132_Bemporad.pdf (2.35 Mb)
"Uncertainties in the estimate of the SiXI l303.32 and HeII l303.78 lines contribution to the coronal emission observed by the SCORE coronagraph" TechRep127_Bemporad.pdf (355 Kb)
"The orbit of Solar Orbiter: characterization and implications for the METIS coronagraph (part I)" TechRep125_Bemporad.pdf (4.01 Mb)

Title file.pdf
"Alessandro Bemporad: una grande passione per la nostra stella" LESTELLE_103_2012.pdf (1.31 Mb)
"Il mistero delle tempeste solari" DARWIN_2009.pdf (522 Kb)
"C'è qualcosa che non va sul Sole? - un'inchiesta sull'affidabilità della nostra stella come stabile fonte di energia (PARTE I)" COELUM123 art sole.pdf (4.0 Mb)
"C'è qualcosa che non va sul Sole? - un'inchiesta sull'affidabilità della nostra stella come stabile fonte di energia (PARTE II)" COELUM124 art sole.pdf (7.0 Mb)