Welcome to my Presentation's page! Here you'll find some of the Presentations I gave in the last years during national and international Meetings. Unfortunately it has been impossible to include movies: please write me to ask movies and for any comment!

Title file.ppt
"Observations of CMEs in the outer corona" SOLO_5th.pptx (39.7 Mb)
"Deflections of Multiple CMEs: STEREO Observations & MHD Simulations" COSPAR39.pptx (36.4 Mb)
"Imaging and Spectroscopy of CMEs from Solar Orbiter with METIS" SOLO_4th.pptx (36.3 Mb)
"Alfvèn Waves in a Polar Coronal Hole from Hinode/EIS Observations" COSPAR38.ppt (5.8 Mb)
"Complete characterization of CME-driven Shocks from UV, White Light and Radio data" IAGA09.ppt (15.0 Mb)
"Multiple Small-scale Magnetic Reconnections inside post-CME Current Sheets" JOSO.ppt (11.2 Mb)
"An erupting filament and associated CME observed by HINODE, STEREO and SOHO" 2nd_Hinode.ppt (58.7 Mb)
"Are CMEs globally affecting the corona by reconnection occurring on different scales?" COSPAR37.ppt (25.5 Mb)
"Risultati da recenti studi di CMEs con SOHO/UVCS" Firenze.ppt (23.8 Mb)
"Current Sheets from white light and UV data: open questions" ISSI.ppt (12.5 Mb)
"Reconnection along a streamer Current Sheet induced by a CME expansion" SOHO20.ppt (12.4 Mb)
"Post-CME events: cool jets and Current Sheet evolution" IAU226.ppt (8.61 Mb)
"Structure of a slow CME in the low corona" Trieste.ppt (16.7 Mb)
"EUV observations of sungrazing comets with the SOHO/UVCS instrument" AOGS.ppt (6.00 Mb)