Welcome to my Posters page! Here you'll find all the Posters I presented in the last years during national and international Meetings...please, write me for any comment!

XXXV COSPAR Meeting, Paris (France) "Evidence for Pyroxene dust grains in C/2001 C2 Sungrazing comet" paris_poster.pdf (339 Kb)
XI Solar Physics Meeting, Leuven (Belgium) "Recursive Narrow CMEs within a Coronal Streamer" leuven_poster.pdf (285 Kb)
"International Solar Cycle Studies" Symposium 2003, Tatranska Lomnica (Slovack Rep.) "Preliminary analysis of a CME observed by SOHO and Ulysses experiments" tatranska_poster.pdf (155 Kb)
Solar Wind 11, Whistler (Canada) "Early evolution of a CME from white light and UV observations" whistler_poster1.pdf (212 Kb)
Solar Wind 11, Whistler (Canada) "Current Sheet Evolution in the aftermath of a CME" whistler_poster2.pdf (5.73 Mb)
AOGS 4th Annual Meeting, Bangkok (Thailand) "Detection of 1/f noise in the coronal Lyman-alpha line" bangkok_poster.pdf (4.73 Mb)
XXXVII COSPAR Meeting, Montreal (Canada) "Interpretation of the SOHO/UVCS observations of two CME-driven shocks" COSPAR_poster1.pdf (8.14 Mb)
XXXVII COSPAR Meeting, Montreal (Canada) "A study of Ly-alpha power spectra observed over a polar coronal hole" COSPAR_poster2.pdf (6.82 Mb)