JOSO Prize 2009

The JOSO (Joint Organisation for Solar Observations) offers each 2 years a prize to a young solar physicist for an outstanding paper published in a scientific peer-reviewed journal. The prize is at itís 3rd edition now: in the previous 2 editions won the 1st and 2nd JOSO Prize Dr. Laurent Gizon and Dr. Elena Khomenko, respectively in 2005 and 2007. The Prize is given to a young Solar Physicist who obtained his PhD after Jan 1st, 2004 and is younger than 35.  
The 3rd Edition of the JOSO Prize in 2009 has been won by myself! In this page youíll find all the published press releases announcing the winning of this prize, while my winning "outstanding paper" can be found here! Alternatively click here to download a nice videoclip (Windows Media Player file) on my JOSO Prize winning (7.0 Mb).


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