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Welcome to the Alessandro Bemporad homepage! I am an Astronomer Researcher at the Turin Astronomical Observatory where I work with the Solar Physics Group; my research interests are the UV spectroscopy of the solar corona (study of coronal streamers, coronal mass ejections) comparison between remote sensing and in situ data and the UV spectroscopy of sungrazing comets. In my research activity I make use of data acquired from various spacecrafts (e.g. SOHO, TRACE, HINODE and STEREO) toghether with data acquired from various Earth observatories.


In this website you'll find any information you may want about my past and present activities, my curriculum vitae, PhD Thesis, publications, presentations, posters, toghether with some selected pictures from my travels, and more... You can access to all the above files simply by using the left navigation menu. For any question, problem or further informations don't hesitate to contact me at the following addresses, or, if you prefer, to contact me on Facebook.



Turin Astronomical Observatory
Via Osservatorio, 20
10025 - Pino torinese (TO)

Phone (office): +39 011 8101 954
Phone (home): +39 011 xxxx xxx
Fax: +39 011 8101 930


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